Im A Sunflower
Im A Sunflower

Im A Sunflower features locally dried hugggeeee sunflowers from Donnybrook, Native botanicals from Albany, and a selection of premium preserved foliage and hydrangeas displayed in a rattan vase.

This Arrangement boosts happiness, love, laughter and brings joy to any place in your home.

Each of our Lasting Floral Arrangements are Custom Made, meaning u are purchasing a one of design, hand picked and made with love to ensure your bespoke arrangement is of the highest quality and knowing this will last indefinataly.

Measures 70 cm height and 45 cm width.

 The sender will receive a fulfilled email confirmation once the flowers have been   delivered.

 Interstate orders will be posted in 1-5 days & take 5-10 days to arrive.  Please leave recipients name, address & special instructions in the notes below.

Im A Sunflower

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