Wedding Flowers

Bunbury wedding flower bouquet delivery

Dried Flower Bar has a talent for creating one of a kind arrangements and sourcing unique and natural blooms for your special day. We specialise in dried and preserved forever posies. Because this is a dried product we ship Australia wide to your door and the best thing is your wedding day botanicals will last forever. 

We love creating unique, dreamy and textural dried bouquets, floral installations and table settings for weddings

We love sourcing local and native flowers from the South West of Western Australia working closely with passionate flower farmers to ensure your wedding botanicals are the best on offer.

Our bouquets are a reflection of nature and the rhythm's of the earth whilst respecting the seasons. From the delicate to the spectacular, we have a small team of botanical artists to bring your wedding to life.  

Contact Francine for a free and honest quotation for your wedding flowers.